David brings:

  • proven processes from facilitating workshops for over 200 organisations;
  • 20 years of management and consulting;
  • customised design to extract strategic, tactical and operational objectives, goals and plans;
  • tools and methods to run highly engaging and productive workshops;

How many meetings and workshops has your organisation run to create strategic, tactical or operational objectives, goals and plans? Can you say that the results are practical and effective?

Strategic and operational planning is about finding what it is that will allow you to take a unique path to your objectives and goals, whilst leveraging your existing strengths. Too often, the perspective taken is almost entirely internal (i.e. product and expertise focused).

David Wayne's expertise in facilitating practical, engaging and effective workshops which result in immediately executable strategic, tactical and operational plans.

With 20 years experience consulting to, facilitating and training many thousands of people from hundreds of organisations, David's workshops provide insights into what the appropriate direction for your organisation, department or team is.

To make the workshop results "immediately executable", David provides to the client, with each workshop:

  • templates,
  • guides and
  • handbooks

to use as the basis for execution for the results from your workshop, and minimise the resources you need and resistance to transformation you experience.