David is not a motivational speaker. He is a transformational one.

The impact on your people and your organisation will last long after David's presentation. Click here to enquire about booking David to speak at your event, or read below to see how David creates lasting transformation.

Have your people heard a number of "motivational speakers", yet the effect seems to wear off as soon as the next fire needs to be put out, and they revert to their "pre-motivation" way of doing things?

Conferences, seminars, annual kickoffs, quarterly launches, guest speakers - like a pebble thrown into a pond, they make an initial splash, create some ripples, but, eventually, things go back to the way they were. How do you make the impact of that splash LAST?

David Wayne's expertise is in creating lasting, long term professional and organisational transformation.

To make the transformation "stick", David provides to the client, with each presentation:

  • templates
  • guides and
  • handbooks

to use as the basis for a system which will maximise the results from your presentation, and minimise the resources you need and resistance to transformation you experience.

With 20 years experience consulting to, facilitating and training many thousands of people from hundreds of organisations, David's presentations provide insights into why change may not be happening as planned, and how to make it happen.