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  • Great presenter & knowledge, entertaining, educational
    — Organisational Development Manager
  • Extremely engaging and practical
    — Director
  • Clear, relevant, to the point
    — GM - Technology
  • Excellent style, good pace, relevant content, feel equipped with tools for action
    — National Prevention Partnership
  • Extremely professional and passionate, had great structure and performance
    — MAPS Manager
  • Best presenter yet. Very entertaining, kept attention well.
    — Head of Operations
  • Entertaining, knowledgeable, engaging.
    — Regulatory Officer
  • The best workshop I have ever attended
    — Operations Manager
  • Impressed beyond expectations, great, worthwhile
    — Operations Director
  • Very valuable insights, extremely experienced and knowledgable facilitator.
    — Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • A fantastic style, engaging, good mix of theory, practice, activities, real world examples and light hearted moments.
    — Head of Employee Relations
  • Keeps things well paced, extremely enjoyable
    — Senior Operations Manager
  • Professional, well versed. Great energy and customisation
    — Compliance Manager
  • I will highly recommend David to all my colleagues
    — Executive Director
  • Exceptional, professional, highly recommended
    — Sustainability Manager
  • Engaging, interactive and passionate
    — Sales Manager

Lead from the front of the Room 

People have invested their entire careers in being great at delivering impressive results. They have not invested as much in being great at delivering impressive presentations.

In this Keynote, David walks people through the step-by-step process of planning, preparing, practicing and presenting an impressive presentation. He will reveal the secret to removing anxiety from presenting to others – that only 10% of your presentation’s effectiveness has anything to do with you. And when you’ve done the other 90%, you will have every reason to feel confident. And you will.

David will share what has allowed him to deliver more than 1,000 presentations to people from more than 400 organisations, and have a more than 95% feedback score, so you can too.

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Speaking page panel 2(1).jpg

From Frozen to Inspirational 

You’ve probably seen the statistics. More than 75% of people feel some form of anxiety or nervousness about presenting. You may even have seen the Seinfeld episode where he says that most people at a funeral would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.

Whilst there is a medical condition which relates to a fear of presenting (Glossophobia), the majority of people who feel anxious about presenting do not have this condition. They are experiencing something else. In this Keynote, David addresses the main psychological causes that lead people to trigger the “fight, flight or freeze” response when they think about presenting, and how to overcome it to deliver inspiring presentations that make people want to follow you. And that, after all, is the definition of a leader.


 Influence and Persuasion

The purpose of any presentation is to influence and persuade an audience. Whether it is one or hundreds, we want people to think, feel or do something different.

The majority of presentations seem to have “informing” as their purpose. People leave with knowledge, but not a lot of motivation to change. When you master the skills of Influence and Persuasion, people leave believing and inspired, and that leads to action.

In this Keynote, David demonstrates the 6 scientifically proven methods than lead to influencing and persuading others to change their beliefs and behavior. A criticl skill for leaders.

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